Sunny Money Workshop Materials

Here are the links from the Sunny Money: Diverse Texts and Argument-Based Tasks for Economic-Based Questions About Florida History workshop on Feb 13, 2014 at the Stavros Center.



  1. Find Texts: FCITSelling Sunshine: Florida Citrus IndustryOral History ProjectFlorida Department of State
  2. Reading Texts: Florida’s Economy BoomsThe Great Depression and the New DealWorld War II
  3. Middle School Lesson Polk County (info text)
  4. About Oranges (text by Harriet Beecher Stowe)
  5. Citrus Industry (Primary source text)
  6. Fruit (Suniland Magazine, 1925)
  7. Orange Song (written in early 1900’s)
  8. Charming Florida (song)
  9. 3D Orange Images
  10. Packing Oranges Postcard
  11. Clip Art Botanical
  12. Clip Pix Orange
  13. Citrus Exchange
  14. Fruit Growing Regions in the U.S.A.


    1. Railroads Text from FCIT
    2. Newspaper in Education Map and Text (page 11)

Value of Manufactures in 1860

Presidential Election, 1860

Slavery and the Slave Trade

Slave and Free Areas after the Missouri Compromise, 1820

Routes of the Underground Railroad, 1830–1865

Manufacturing Areas, 1900

Fruit-Growing Regions in the United States, 1910

Florida: Essays and Poems

American Founders

Florida Then & Now

Florida Photos: Business Gallery

Florida Photos: Industry Gallery

Charming Florida song

Tourist attractions photo gallery

Cucumbers are 1.49

Market Place in India

Ruskin Florida Vine Ripe Tomatoes

Marketplace in Belize

Marketplace in India

Maas Building and Citrus Exchange

Ancient History ClipArt Gallery

Presentation Paper People