Fostering Entrepreneurial Thinking in the Classroom

Last evening we presented a workshop on entrepreneurial thinking, in conjunction with the Pinellas Education Foundation and Pinellas County School District. The workshop was generously sponsored by Wells Fargo.

During the first part of the workshop, Kyle & Danny Mastronardo presented discussed their experience as entrepreneurs and owners of Nardo’s Natural and shared their interesting journey as participants on Shark Tank. 

Kyle Mastronardo, President, Nardo's Natural Organic Skincare

Kyle Mastronardo, President, Nardo’s Natural Organic Skincare

Photo of Kyle and Danny Mastronardo

Thank-you Kyle and Danny for such an engaging presentation!


Following the presentation, Dr. Deborah Kozdras of the USF Stavros Center offered ideas on how to incorporate Common Core State Standards with entrepreneurship ideas. For example, she shared the free Hands On Banking Entrepreneurship course produced by Wells Fargo to illustrate the website reading strategies necessary to succeed in the global economy.

Deborah Kozdras, Ph.d. presenting

Deborah Kozdras, Ph.d. presenting